hires a celebrity to front a multimillion campaign

The online poker site hired the supermodel Caprice Bouret to front a multimillion-pound marketing campaign in the UK, the website reported.

The 5-year old online gaming operator recently appointed Total Media to handle the gambling site’s media planning and buying. The ad agencies said it would kick off a cross-platform campaign covering British newspapers; magazines and outdoors.

The creative campaign material produced and written independent Ismail Vali-Tepper and creative agency NWYH also features the blonde model on 96-sheet posters as the website’s ambassador.

“It’s great to be working with one of the leading online poker brands and helping them develop their UK business. Hot-housing growing companies is very much our core strength,” said Guy Sellers, Joint Managing Director at Total.

The poker company, which previously focused marketing attention on the US markets, said it is now launching its new marketing campaign in the UK where online poker has seen a surge in popularity like in America.

The BioTools company, an offshoot of the University of Alberta, is currently working on an artificial intelligence poker program, which the developers claim will turn novices into card-sharks, reads an article on

The program is based on “game theory” developed Nobel laureate John Nash, the tortured mathematical genius featured in the film “A Beautiful Mind.” This is a branch of mathematics concerned with interactions between people, companies or countries that are in competition.

The new software product, marketed as Poki’s Poker Academy, will be able to identify and reproduce playing patterns and adapt to different playing styles. It will display odds, variables; draw graph results as well as calculate the likelihood of certain poker situations. The program will also have the ability to bluff.

“We are getting closer to beating the best players in the world,” said Darse Billings, a former professional poker player and Ph.D. student working on the project. “Our current programs can acquit themselves quite well against strong opposition, and they continue to become stronger as the research progresses. I do not believe they are superior to the best humans yet, but I believe that day will come – possibly within the next year or two.”

“This is for all levels of players,” said Mike Fedeyko, sales and marketing manager at BioTools. “Poker has become so popular; this software is for people who don’t yet feel comfortable going to a casino and betting money or for top players who want to improve their game. You could take a good player who would have a tough time beating our game.”



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