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The casino problem that Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is going through has gone on too long. It is time to get the casino finished and open for business, according to Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato.

He has called for the completion of the project as soon as possible. He also says that whoever gets the rights to the license, should have to live up to the same commitments that were agreed upon Don Barden, the original winner of the license.

Barden has run into major financial problems with the project. He has failed to secure the necessary funding to complete a project that has already began. Now, he attempting to transfer his license to billionaire casino developer Neil Bluhm.

In Barden’s original agreement, he vowed to donate millions to a new hockey arena for Pittsburghs’ Penguins. He also agreed to offer such amenities as an amphitheatre and a river walk at his new casino.

“I’m not here to say who should have that license. It’s not who owns it. It’s how they live up to commitments,” said Onorato. He is seeking to ensure that if Bluhm does get control of the license, that it comes with the same guarantees that were offered Barden.

Bluhm reached a deal last week with Barden to take over full control of the project and become the casinos primary owner. He is still waiting for the state Gaming Control Board to approve the deal.

Hearing Set By Judge Regarding Seneca Casino In Buffalo

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Last week, a ruling came down that declared that the Seneca Indian Nation casino that was operating in Buffalo was doing so illegally. The casino remained open because the tribe claims there were no orders to shut it down.

Those orders may now come as soon as August 21st. That is the day that the federal judge who made the ruling last week has set to hear arguments from the two sides.

The Senecas will be on one side of the courtroom. They will be arguing that there was no order to shut down the casino, there fore they are in n o violation continuing to operate.

Opponents of the casino will claim that the casino is operating illegally after last week’s ruling. They will try to prove that if it is illegal for the casino to be open, then an order should be granted to close the casinos doors.

At issue in the court battle was the Seneca’s claiming the casino was legal because it was on sovereign land. The judge, however, ruled that although it is on sovereign land, it was land that was acquired as part of a land claim.

That makes the casino operation illegal. Even if they are forced to shut down, the Senecas will most likely continue the legal battle in court, trying to get a favorable ruling for the casino.

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