Online-Casino is one of the world’s largest online casinos, and has recently launched a revised website – newly designed and very improved!

A number of new sections to the website were created along with a brand new flash movie and vastly improved navigation.

Of the new sections, one of them includes the current promotions on offer at Online-Casino and another section provides an informative affiliate page. The redesigned structure has greatly improved navigation around the site and it is now more user-friendly.

Online-Casino is a member of the Casino-On-Net (888) family of online casinos. Casino-On-Net (888) was launched in 1997

Casino Tropez

and since then, 7 million people have experienced online gaming with their family of casinos.

Sean Lifton, a manager at Online-Casino, believes visitors will much prefer the new layout of the website. He said, “The design is catchier, the informational pages were expanded and the flash movie looks great. Players will feel more welcomed and comfortable with the new layout.”

The new flash movie features an interactive and informative display of Online-Casino’s various online games, such as:

Online Blackjack

Online Roulette

Online Slots

Online Craps

Online-Casino offers a number of popular online games in addition to the ones listed above, such as online video poker, online baccarat and many more online games for your entertainment.

Ed note: Check out Online-Casino’s new website and Flash movie!

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