Golden Palace the online casino that has become famous for making bizarre purchases has managed to top all previous records paying $10,000 for a bronze casting of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s ba Suri’s excrement. This particular item was nowhere near the most expensive but it is certainly one of the strangest, although it has to be said, that when it comes to the Golden Palace collection, almost nothing seems bizarre anymore.

The excrement which is purportedly the product of Suri’s first solid meal was fashioned into a bronze covered sculpture and mounted onto a wooden plinth with a brass plate engraved with the ba’s name. The sculpture was created artist Daniel Edwards for the Capla Kesting Fine Art Gallery.

Golden Palace online casino has made a name for itself in the industry buying many strange articles and donating the proceeds to charity. The items that the online casino collects then go on a world tour in the form of a traveling museum. The items in the collection are currently touring America and amongst other things include the world famous 10 year old Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich, William Shatner’s Kidney stone and a whole collection of paraphernalia relating to Britney Spears, including a pregnancy test kit, a used bottle of water drunk in one of her concerts and a half-eaten sandwich. There was also a famous x-ray of a duck that seemed to have an alien in its stomach, but the image turned out to be grain that the duck had eaten.

The online casino also runs a specialty section of religious “icons”. The grilled cheese sandwich featuring the Virgin Mary drew much media attention when bought for $28,000. The online casino paid $10,600 for a Polish dumpling that resembled Jesus and recently a confectionary worker discovered a fully formed figure of the Virgin Mary with a child where clumps of chocolate had dripped down under a vat.

The proceeds of the ba poo sculpture are going to the Kristin Brooks Hope Center, a charity that aims to help those suffering from depression and in particular postpartum depression.

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